F2F Class Notes 26th January (Celeste)

Eating chili peppers helps you live longer

There is good news for lovers of hot and spicy food – the chili inside it can help you live longer. Researchers from the University of Vermont College of Medicine in the US have discovered that capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot red chili peppers, may boost the metabolism, strengthen the cardiovascular system and help reduce high blood pressure and obesity. They said people who regularly ate hot red chili peppers had a 13 per cent reduced risk of premature death compared with those who did not eat them. They concluded that: “The consumption of hot red chili pepper was associated with reduced mortality. Hot red chili peppers may be a beneficial component of the diet.”

The researchers surveyed a total of 16,179 adults over a period of six years. Survey participants answered questions on their health, lifestyle, income and eating habits. The researchers analysed the deaths that occurred in the 18 years following the survey. A total of 4,946 of the participants died. Of these, 21.6 per cent regularly consumed chili compared with 33.6 per cent who did not. This led the researchers to believe hot red chili peppers helped prolong life. Britain’s National Health Service urged people not to rely on one “superfood” like chili to stay healthier. It said: “Eat a balanced diet high in a variety of fruit and vegetables, limit salt, sugar and saturated fat, stay active [and] avoid smoking.”


capsaisin ( kap – say – i – sin ) n. –  the active ingredient in hot red chili peppers

ingredient/s n. – food used to cook a meal/dish ( eggs, meat, veggies etc)

material/s n. – steel, wood, cotton, plastic…

tool/s n.- hammer, knife, spoon

machine/s n.- oven, microwave

equipment n.- bulldozer, gym equipment

metabolism n. – process in which we consume, digest, expel food

eg. I have a fast metabolism, I am always hungry.

cardiovascular system n. – system in the body having to do with the heart and blood vessels

obesity n. – condition of being extremely overweight

eg. There is a large problem of obesity in the US and Mexico.

obese ( oh – beess ) adj.

eg. I am obese.

premature death – die at a young age

eg. Many artists die a premature death. 

consumption (noun) vs. consume (verb)

eg. A high consumption of alcohol is dangerous and unhealthy.

mortality n. – the state or condition of being subject to death

eg. The mortality rate of young children in Africa is high.