F2F Class Notes 25th Aug(Daniel)

Homework, make 2 sentences with each tense we talked about today.

We always wash the dishes in the sink.
I like wearing stripe patterns T-shirt.
When I make mistakes I naturally feel bad.
We must tell the truth to our parents.
Every boss manages their staff.
My best friend  never drinks alcohol beverage.
I think we unlikely go to the space.

I think it is unlikely for us to go to the space.
I always go to school  on time, unless the weather is bad.
I am aware study English is really important.

allow – 允许

一般现在时- 自然定理,一件通常会发生的事情

现在进行时 be + 动词ing



I like shopping.

You like shopping.

Judy likes shopping.

They like shopping.


Judy is shopping.

I am shopping

We are shopping.

We will go shopping tomorrow

We went shopping last night.

I went to Pudong this morning.

I go to Pudong ever day.

Daniel never goes to Pudong.

Jesse sometimes goes to Pudong.

I am going to Pudong.

I went to Pudong last month.




I was playing with our son when you called.

I was watching TV when she walked in.

I was doing my laundry when he opened door.

现在完成时 have/has+ been +动词的过去分词形式


I have been taught English in the past five years.

I have been to Beijing.

I have been studied English in the last month.

过去完成时 had + 动词过去分词

I had worked for SE for 2 years.

I had lived in Beijing for 2 months.

She goes to school every day.

She went to school yesterday.

She will go to school tomorrow.

She never goes to school.

She is going to school.

She has been inschool.

She had gone to school for 2 years.

She was studying in school when I first met her.

My mom has been a house wife since she was 22.

My mom had been a house wife for 2 years after I was born.

My father was playing Pingpong when I was born.