F2F Class Notes 24th July (Harmony)***

Please do some review with Penny, lots of new vocabulary!



Eg.  As soon as I will go to University.  – soon I will go to University.


  • 一…就;见soon 条
  • 网络一……就;一怎么样就怎么样;一经


As soon as:  right after the first event, the second event will happen.

Eg.  As soon as I write the entrance test I will go to University.

Eg.  As soon as I meet my friends I will have a lot of fun.

Eg.  As soon as penny is ready, we will start our class


As soon as harmony asked me I’m ready and I’m talked I’m ready as soon as Harmony asked if I was ready, I told her I was.


If I outgoing I will have a sweaty body – If I go out I will have a sweaty body.


Hardly:  barely/not really.   Little bit.

Eg.  I hardly study = I don’t study often.

Eg.  I study hard = I study really hard/I study a lot.

Fashion Industry Jobs:

  • designer
  • seamstress: a person who makes clothes
  • sales/retailer

University Plans:

How long will your program be?

Program:  a plan of classes to take to get your university degree.

Eg.  My program is 3 years.

Will you have summer vacation?

I not to go summer vacationI will not have summer vacation.


Full sentence:  when you repeat part of the question in the answer.

What is your favourite color?

  • My favour color is white.

Summer vacation/holidays:  a break between school, usually july – sept.

  • Yes, I will have summer vacation.


Internship:  a period of time where you work for a company in your industry and don’t get paid. 

Eg.  When I finish study I will go to a company become internship – When I finish studying I will go to a company for an internship.


Intern:  a person who works for a company and doesn’t get paid, they are trying to get experience.

Eg.  I will become an intern.

Eg.  I will go to a company to be an intern.

Eg.  An internship will help you get experience, which will then help you to get a job.

If you’re not hardif you don’t work hard

Eg.  Maybe if you work hard, they will hire you.

Hire:  to give someone a job, to ask them to work for you.

Eg.  If you work hard they will hire you.

Hired:  to get a job.

Eg.  I got hired after my internship.


Full time job:  40 hours a week (approximately)


Part time job:  less than 40 hours per week.

Where would you like to work?

  • I would like to work at an office.