F2F Class Notes 24th August (Raph)

High heels (n): 1- women’s shoes with tall, thin heels.
E.g.: If your leg hurts, you shouldn’t be wearing high heels.

Posture (n): 1- the way you position you body or your back.
E.g.: Having a good posture is a great way to not only look good, but also to have a better health.

Consciously (adv): 1- knowing or being aware of the consequences or risks of one’s actions.
E.g.: You should’t consciously try to hurt other people’s feelings.

Conscious decision (n): 1- a decision made with full awareness of its consequences.
E.g.: Carol made a conscious decision about having a relationship with her new boyfriend, even though he is very lazy.

Reckless (adj): 1- not caring about the danger or the consequences of one’s actions.
E.g.: Carol is very reckless for climbing mountains at night.

“We had some hiccups along the way, but everything turned out fine in the end.”
“Carol, a Chinese air freight assistant manager, is one of my favorite students.”

Homework: Make a sentence with each of the new vocabulary words.