F2F Class Notes 23rd February (Celeste)


symptom/s ( simp – tom ) n. – the signs of your sickness

eg. What are your symptoms? Do you  have a fever or sore throat?

eg. Most medications will list which symptoms you should have before taking the medicine.

nasally ( nay – zullee ) adv. – to sound as if you were talking out of your nose

eg. I’m sick, I can’t breathe through my nose, I sound nasally.

My nose is raw. = I have used too many tissues to blow my nose and now my nose is red and in pain.

My lips are cracked/chapped.  = My lips are red/bleeding/dry from the weather or being sick.

lip balm ( bom ) = lip moisturizer

eg. In the US, we use a popular lip balm called chapstick.

blood draw – medicine: to cause blood to gather at a specific point.

eg. The doctor told me to go get my blood drawn to find out what’s wrong with me.

vein/s – jing mai

X-ray = x guang

shot (of medicine)