F2F Class Notes 22nd June (Harmony)***

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It’s been a few days since we have had class together.




Ate (eight)

Sandwich – sandawich – (sand-wich) 2 syllables (slow down!)

Subway – subaway – (sub- way) 2 syllables.  *** keep working on it!

Green – gareen – (greeeeen)

Sub – suba – sub

Go out

Eg.  Today I want to go out.

To come out – telling someone.

Eg.  You will come out going Will you come out tonight?

Eg.  Today’s weather is good, you should come out.

Eg.  They’re giving away free drinks, you should come out!

Go up

Eg.  Your room on 2 floor, you must go up. Your room is on the second floor you must go up there.

Eg.  I will go up the elevator to your room which is on the second floor.

Come up

Eg.  You are come up now?you are coming up now?

Eg.  When you get here, just come up the elevator to the second floor.

Go down

Eg.  My friend on first floor, I must go down the escalator to see her.My friend is on the first floor, I must go down the escalator to see her. 


Come down

Eg.  I you want to eat food you should come downstairs/ come down here/come down to the first floor

Go over/go

Eg.  I want to go to Australia.

Eg.  I want to go over to Penny’s house.

Come over

Eg.  Do you want to come over to my house?

Eg.  Do you want to come over to Canada?

Eg.  Do you want to come over tomorrow?/ Can I come over tomorrow?

Go in

Eg.  They are meeting now you should go in there.

Come in

Eg.  When you get to the second floor come in the first room.

Eg.  If you want to play with me you can come in.


Eg.  First you go to the metro station, then go down the stairs to the train.  Get onto the train heading towards People’s square.  At people’s square, get out of the train and go up the escalators to line one.  Get onto the train going towards Xinha Road station.

Once you reach the Shanghai Circus World station, get out and go up the stairs.  Take exit 1 and turn left.  Walk down the street until you see my building.  Go into the building, go up/come up the elevator and knock on my door. I will to meet you.

Once we are ready we will go down the elevator together and go meet Johnny for dinner.

Going to SE from Penny’s house.

First I go to the bus stop, then go into the bus.  It take thirty minutes arrived the metro station.  Then I go out the bus and go into the metro station.  Then I go down the escalator and go on the subway to Jingan Temple station.  Then I go out of the subway, up the stairs and outside.  Next I cross the street and go up the elevator and arrive my school.


Elevator:  a device that carries people and things up to different floors in a building. (room with doors)

Escalator:  moving stairs. (like in the mall)