F2F Class Notes 22nd August (Raph)

Territory: 1- an area defended by an animal or group of animals against others of the same sex or species. 2- an area of land that belongs to a country.

E.g.: He needs to fight against other monkeys to defend his territory.

Species (n): a group of similar plants or animals  that can exchanging genes or have babies.
E.g.: There are a lot of different species of plants and animals in China.

Extinction (n): 1- the process in which a species of animal disappears / stops existing.
E.g.: They are working to save the pandas from extinction.

Endangered (adj): 1- at risk, in danger. 2- an animal or plant species that is at risk of becoming extinct.
E.g.: The giant panda is an endangered species.

Wool (n): 1- the fine, soft curly or wavy hair that forms the coat of a sheep and that we use to make clothes. 2- 羊毛
E.g.: My sweater is made of pure wool.

Fur (n):1- the short, fine, soft hair of certain animals. 2- 毛皮
E.g.: Shell has a coat made of rabbit fur.

Feather (n): 1- any of the flat appendages growing from a bird’s skin and forming its plumage, consisting of a partly hollow horny shaft fringed with vanes of barbs. 2- 羽毛
E.g.: The bird had beautiful and colorful feathers.

Goat: 山羊
Lamb: 羊肉
Antelope: 羚羊

They fight together. > They fight against each other. / They fight each other.