F2F Class Notes 22nd August (Celeste) [1]

Next Class: Please review this vocabulary and finish reading the article (Jessica can send it to you via wechat). If there is time, start to tell a story using the new words.

conference room / hall / meeting room / wing

full swing – not ending, active

jet set v. – to take a plane

exotic adj. – not normal, special, unique, different

lychee – li zhi

destination – a place to stay for awhile

seascape: a view or pic of the sea vs. landscape

getaway n. – place which is a bit a far from where sb is

lush  adj. – lots of plants

hiking trail n. – place where people hike (walk for a really long time)

off-road cycling expedition n. – tour where sb can ride a bike not on the street, maybe in the mountains