F2F Class Notes 22 Mar (Trista)


I think its ok

I think it went ok

Voice recording

I used voice recording to memorize the English sentence.

I made a voice recording to memorize the phrases in English.

I recorded my voice on my phone to memorize the phrases in English.

Again again

Again and again

Over and over again

I listened to the voice recordings over and over again.

Belgium – bilishi

Cherry blossoms

Touch a lot of different industries

Touch on a lot of different kind of people

Working in an international company is a great way to interact with different kinds of people and touch on many different industries.

You can’t buy them every time

You can only buy them at a certain time.

You can’t buy them all the time.

The number of xm 5 is not enough

There’s not enough xm 5s for everyone

Your clothes are too few

There are not enough clothes

You are not wearing enough clothes for the cold weather

Marketing Strategy –

The marketing strategy of XM company is effective.

XM uses an effective marketing strategy.

XM has an effective marketing strategy.


This is a letter to my beloved – the person I love so so much

The beloved family dog ran away.