Group Class Notes 22nd March (Jesse)

A crumpled handkerchief laid on a damp bench; You opened your blue notebook; The sound of the rain was heard under the mango tree; You left after I had finished only two lines of poetry. I remember, drawing your foot print and shadow on the lakeside. If there are no greetings and goodbyes, If you don’t dare enjoy happiness and pain; Your soul will not have any significance and it can’t be called life.

damp = a little wet
eg. my clothes are damp so I can’t wear them at the moment

pitter-patter – the sound of rain falling

amusement park = fun park – you le chang

roller-coaster – guo shan che
eg. we went on a few rollercoasters at the fun park

significant – to have meaning / point (adj)
eg. we are doing a significant thing which is learning English
eg2. landing on the moon was a significant achievement in human history.