F2F Class Notes 21th August (Ben)

Finish class I will go to my friend’s home. –> After class

She live –> She liveS

I will by subway. –> I will GO by subway.

hen was the last time you saw her ? see/saw/seen

I’m forget. –> I forgot.

I learn English. OK
I am learning English. OK
I am learn. WRONG
I am forget. WRONG
I forget. OK
I forgot. OK

at 2 o’clock
We will chat.

We only at home.–> We will BE only at home. = We are just going to stay home.

I want XXX to XXXX

I want my friends to become good students.

I want my parents to be happy.

I want my English to improve.

I am waiting for my teacher to come.

Tonight, I will tell my mom to rest.

I waited for the rain to stop.

The population of China is about 1.7 billion.

The population of Canada is about 35 million. 35,000,000

Are you neighbours?

I should by bus go her home. –> 

“by” is not a verb! You cannot say “should by” !

I should bus

“bus” is not a verb! You cannot say “should bus” !

I should go 

去 go TO

I should go TO her home by bus. (I should go by bus to her home = OK but strange)

I need to go to her home by bus. = ALL OK

go TO school, go TO work, go TO the office, go TO the train station, go TO  my friend’s home

/!\ go home 

I am AT school, AT work, AT the office, AT the train station, AT my friend’s home

/!\ I am home.