F2F Class Notes 21th August (Ben)

food delivery

I have something done

I had food delivered.

There is no rest time / empty time between classes. There is no space between classes.

There is no empty time between orders, we can’t add in anything between them.

All my classes are back-to-back.

decision  = da – SSI – jun

nation = NA – shun

busy season = high season

I am AT the office, AT the train station, AT a friend’s place

/!\I am home

I go TO the office, TO the train station, TO a friend’s place

/!\ I go home

Several of my colleagues also brought work home.

Are you done now? = finished

ON weekdays, ON Monday, ON Friday, ON January 24th, ON holidays

/!\ AT the weekend

animals that are specific to China = pandas, golden monkeys, snow leopards, Tibetan antelopes

Have you watched any of the Olympic Games?

The game was very intense 激烈 

They weren’t only good before but they are also good now.

It was hard to say which team was better (than the other one.) The game was very tight, the scores stayed very close and both teams were neck and neck.

spend time doing = I spend a lot of time watching the Olympic Games

We are not interested in the same sports.

football players

martial artists (martial = war) martial arts = fighting

athletes = sportsmen, sportswomen, sportspeople

I am interested in sports Chinese athletes are good at.

I am interested in sports where there are Chinese athletes.

The Chinese football team loses every game.

It’s a sensitive topic.

Some things he did in his later years 晚年 were harmful to the country.

the Great Leap Forward 大跃进

the Cultural Revolution

ON TV, IN the newspapers

Red Guards

If there was a Red Guard in your family, you would face horrible persecutions and oppression. 迫害

If you said something that could be seen as even slightly anti-revolutionary, Red Guards would report you, oppress you and have you sent to labour camps.

“horrible problems” is an euphemism 委婉词