F2f Class Notes 21st January (Rab)

Cesarean section ( c section) – an operation to remove a baby from a mother
Ex. Actually an interesting fact about my birth was that my mother had a cesarian section

It’s difficult to born the child natural – it is difficult to give birth naturally

My father and my mother discussed about it – my parents discussed it, my parents had a discussion about my name

Sand pit – an area full of sand

Worm(s) – an animal that lives in the ground and eats dead leave and turns it into soil
Ex. I remember playing with worms when I was at primary (elementary) school

Dissection – to cut open and examine an animal
Ex. In class we had to dissect a worm to see what it was made of

I think they won’t have some feeling when I killed it – I don’t think they suffered when I killed it

To suffer – to feel a lot of pain over a longer time
Ex. I hope I don’t suffer in the heat when I go on holiday to the desert
Ex. I will suffer if I talk with someone I don’t like and they decide to hit me
Ex. I suffer from a sore stomach frequently

Sore – the word to describe something as painful
Ex. I hit my foot off a stone in the park and it was really sore
Ex. Is it sore to get a tattoo?
Ex. I feel sore when I get sick as I really suffer from many illnesses