F2F Class Notes 21st February (Jesse)


Use 10 words from today in some writing. Write a story about anything you like.


2nd best / 3rd best / 4th best

transfer – to change from one thing / place to a different one
eg. I will transfer money from my bank to your bank.
eg2. I am going to Sydney, and I will transfer in Hong Kong

quit = to leave a job
eg. if he quits i will find a new job

i’m very busy at work 

i’m tired – it’s really tiring / it’s exhausting
boring / bored 
– wu liao
eg. Jesse is so boring, so I am bored and I want to go home.
eg2. Work is boring and tiring, so I have no time to study and I am in a bad mood

recently – zui jin
eg. Recently I’m in a bad mood
eg2. recently I need to get a new job
eg2. I usually go to work out a lot recently 

ke neng – maybe
eg. I will maybe go home
eg2. I think studying English maybe is very easy.

i go to a company face to face interview – I went to a new company for a interview

xingqing – mood
eg. I’m in a bad mood

i spend a long time doing sth
I like to spend time with Judy

I like to spend money on Judy / myself / fun things
you know / just – jiu shi / zhi
eg. I want to go …. you know…. to a nice restaurant
eg2. I have…. just / only… 10 yuan