F2F Class Notes 20th January (Tony)


I took care of the boys

during the day

Kelly is my best friend

we’ve known each other for 25 years

eight and a half years

she has a 3 year old son.

MY son is in the third grade

are parents very strict in America

pre-school – any years of school before kindergarden

eg: “My son went to pre-school when he was 2 and a half years old.” “He went to kindergarden when he was five.”

freezing – really cold

eg: “It’s freezing today.” “There’s ice in the freezer.”

chores – housework, like cleaning, laundry, cooking

eg: “My son did some chores to earn some allowance.”


I took care of the boys – (THE in this sentence means we know which boys you are talking about)

I took care of the boys, my son and his cousin. (explaining the context quickly)


safari – suh FAR ree

warned – warNd

warmed – waRMd

eg: “He warmed up some soup.” “I need to warm up, I’m freezing.”

Soup -sooop eg: “Cook some soup.”

Soap – Sohh-p “Wash your hands with soap.”

snake – SnayK eg: “I’m scared of snakes.”

snack – Snah ke eg: “Let’s get some snacks.”