F2F Class notes 1st June (Christian)

I have five work days= I work 5 days a week

How long have you been on that schedule?

Schedule= plan

Eg I cant see you this week because I have a very busy schedule

Eg: what is your schedule next week?

Do you feel the cold today= Do you find it cold today?

I don’t feel good ask question= I don’t feel like I asked you a good question

If your work has some stress(correct) = If you have a stressful job

fast paced

eg: Living and working in a big city means that the lifestyle is very fast paced

opposite= The reverse, the complete different. Can be used to describe a location as well.

eg The opposite of up, is down.

Eg The opposite of hot, is cold.

Eg: the opposite of fast paced is slow paced.

Eg: The opposite of temporary is permanent

Location eg: My keys are opposite the door.

Temporary= Not forever

Eg: my friend has travelled to Thailand but she will be back soon, its only temporary.

Permanent= Always, forever

Eg: Chonqming island is a natural island that is permanently located near Shanghai.

I think you write it wrong= I think you wrote it wrong