F2F Class Notes 1st July (Peter)


I want to take up my English – I want to improve my English

The lessons are boring – the classes would be boring

I want to be artwork in the future – I want to be a performer in the future

I like to dancing – I like to dance

He [Shanhai] is an international city – It is an international city

The first time I will feel interesting – The first time I’ll feel interested

If you took the subway – if you take the subway

You’ll get traffical jam – you’ll be in a traffic jam

Many Chinese like to live in their hometown – many Chinese like to live in their hometowns

I live my family – I live with my family

I don’t have the 直达 – There’s no way to get here directly



Specialize – to focus on, to be special in

Ex. Xin Dong Fa is an English company that specializes in many kinds of English.

Perform – 表演

Performer – a person who performs something, such as a dancer or a singer.

Choreography – dance

Choreographer – a person who makes a dance for people to perform

Pearl Tower – 东方明珠塔

Colonize – when one country takes and controls land from another country

Colony – the land that another country take and controls

Commute – to travel from one place to another (noun or verb)

Ex. I have a 2-hour commute from my house to my job.

The Metro – the subway


The phrase rush hour describes the periods in the morning and the evening when people are going to and from work.

To settle down means to go somewhere permanently, usually to raise a family and find permanent work.

The phrase from door to door can be used to describe travel time for one place to another.


Choreography (core-ee-AWE-gruh-fur)

Historical (hiss-TORE-ick-il)

Foreigner (FOR-in-er)