F2F Class Notes 19 May (Judy)

I see a cup  on the desk.

There is a cup on the desk.

There are cups on the desk.

I study english at SE,but not everyday.

think/want  think想,思考。 want想要

where do you  live ? live是动词,所以和do连用

have you been to America?(qu guo )

when did  you go to America?

I went to America  last year.

How many  times have you been to ?去过多少次

I stayed in suzhou for 3days. live是常住的意思,stay就是呆在某个地方一段时间。

They are playing football now. be+动词ing现在进行时

have class 上课

are you cook dinner

were you cooking at that time(在那个时间)过去进行时 was/were+动词ing

she was playing piano at last night.

she is making coffee now.

look, it  is raining hard!