F2F Class Notes 19 June (Peter)


It meansI mean.

My boss keeps punching me – my boss keeps pushing me

I don’t need to sales – I’m not in charge of sales

I need to walk here – I need to come here

I’m not mean Chinglish – I don’t mean Chinglish

The book is right to left – books are right to left

You don’t take the glasses – you can’t wear glasses

How many time you be in Hong Kong – how long will you be in Hong Kong



Deadline – due date, the day that everything needs to be done, 最后期限.

Summer school – taking classes during summer break

Heat – the noun form of hot (hot 是一个形容词, heat 是一个名词)

Layover – the period between two flights in one trip (用中文,转机是一个动词,可是用英文,layover 是一个名词).

Ex. I have a layover in Hong Kong.

Dual citizen – a person with citizenship in two countries


How many times vs how long (几次 vs 多久)


Israel (IZZ-ree-il, make sure it is three syllables and not IZZ-real