F2F Class notes 18th July (Eddie)

Are you coming in straight from work now?

less or more – more or less

I’m not that care about – I don’t care (that much) about […]

– I’m not interested in […]
– I don’t mind this and that […]
– It doesn’t bother me […]
– I’m not that worried about […]

can tocan (never can to)

to get a raise                                  = to get an increase in salary
to ask for a raise                          = to ask for an increase in salary

to look out for someone          = to be interested in someone’s welfare

A good boss will always look out for their employees. He or she / They

co-worker                             = someone we work with

to be over something      = to no longer be worried about / interested in something

insecurity n        = lack of security or assurance

insecure adj        =


Thomas tried to hide his insecurities by always boasting about himself. He was a very insecure person.

to boast = to speak highly about (usually) oneself

Shanghai boasts one of the world’s most extensive expressway systems.

sophisticated = complicated in a good way 🙂