F2F Class Notes 18th January (Jesse)


have you had any problems because of / caused by exercise?

PE teacher / sports teacher

the sport of high jump – high jump, which is a sport…. 

rou ren xing – flexible
eg. i am very flexible

fall down on the floor / fall over 

before i needed to compete
eg. one day before i was due to compete, i hit my head

sports competition / sports carnival / athletics competition 

lower teeth / upper teeth 

sorry? – what? hmm?

she had a baby 2 months before – she had a baby 2 months ago 

i dont understanding clearly about what the clients want to express. – i don’t really understand what the client wants to express


where – place
eg. i go to a cafe where you can buy great coffee

when – time
eg. i remember the time when i was young and free
eg2. that was around the time when we broke up

why – reason
eg. i don’t understand the reason why you’re here.