F2F Class Notes 18th December (Peter)


He made a mistake about her (male) wrong word – he used the wrong word


Unprecedented – never done before, unheard of

Ex. His crimes were so shocking and unprecedented that the court did not know what punishment to give him.

Precedent – a past event or decision on which we can build (legal connotation)

Ex. A past court decision can be considered a precedent for any court confusion today. In other words, if a court has a problem making a decision, it can look to past precedents as a reference.

Connotation – the feeling of a word

Ex. The words “fat” and “overweight” mean the same thing but the word “fat” has a very negative connotation and can be insulting.

Claim – to say something as if it’s true

Ex. Some celebrity advertisements claim their product is unique and effective.

Endorsement – support, approval

Ex. Many companies invest in celebrity endorsements.

To go/come over – to visit a person in their house, to go to where someone else is

Ex. Do you want to come over to my house this Saturday?

Ex. Come over here, I want to tell you some juicy news (scandalous).


The company’s price vs the company’s prices

The company’s price – the price of the company (how much it costs to buy the entire company)

The company’s prices – the prices of the company’s products (how much the company charges for goods)

To “cause trouble” means to make people angry with your actions. For example, if someone wants to fight you but you did not mean to make him or her angry, you can say “look, I’m not trying to cause any trouble.”

The phrase “in the first place” is used to express the original (or main) reason for which something was done. It means “before anything else” or “primarily.” This statement is used to describe the reason that something happens, without which it would have never happened.

Ex. The reason I came over in the first place was to hang out with you, but you won’t even put your phone down. (If you were not here, I would not have come over. So, you are the reason I came. But you don’t care).


Connotation (con-oh-TAY-shin)


Celebrities always make advertisements for manufactories, even if their products aren’t good as same as what the celebrities said. A host represented a decoration company to present that the company has had a lot of excellent experience in decoration and their price is reasonable. However, some customers has been complaining that the company made a lot of problems after they decorated houses. The floor isn’t horizontal and water is full out from pipes. It was so terrible when it happened on you. As celebrities, they should have responsibility for their behavior because the reason that people choose these service is that people believe these famous persons.


Celebrities always make advertisements for manufacturers, even if their products aren’t as good as what the celebrities say. The host for a Chinese TV game show represented a home-decor company to present that the company has had a lot of excellent experience in decoration and their prices are reasonable. However, some customers have been complaining that the company left things incomplete; the floor wasn’t even and the pipes burst, leaving water all over the place. As celebrities, they should be responsible for their statements; the reason that people choose these services in the first place is because of celebrity endorsement.