F2F Class Notes 18th August (Celeste)***

Next Class: Write a story or prepare to tell a story in class using the words from this lesson.

dan ta = egg custard tart / tartlet
tart = big
tartlet = baby tart
eg. Michael made egg custard tartlets at the baking school.

puff pastry = su pi
flaky ( flay – kee ) adj. – able to break into small pieces like paper
eg. Michael can make a flaky puff pastry with some curry.

pastry ( pay – stree ) = dessert / sweet thing

qi feng – lemon chiffon cake

Lemons are sour. ( sow – wer )

chiffon ( shif – fon )

eg. Chiffon cake is soft and spongy.

spongy ( spun – jee ) adj. – like a sponge

sponge n. – thing used to wash dishes

eg. The lemon chiffon cake tastes sour and is spongy.

sha la jiang – bacon and mayonaise bread
mayonnaise / mayo ( may – yo )

eg. Bacon mayo bread tastes salty and very delicious and melts in your mouth.

In this class have 20 students so, we make many bread.
This class has 20 students, so we make a lot of bread.

san jiao su – curry triangle ( kir ree try- ang – gull)

ji chi – chicken wing

qao ke li ru lao dan gao – chocolate cheese cake

ru kou ji hua – melts in your mouth

When you have nothing to do, you are bored.

eg. Today I played 4 hours of computer games so I felt very bored.