F2F Class Notes 18 Feb (Trista)

I will take my daughter to visit – to took my daughter to visit

They have the same age – they are the same age

She is not care of her family… – she doesn’t care if her family….

She’s afraid of strangers for no reason, but if her family is mad at her, she isn’t scared at all.

Immune system – body’s natural way to protect itself from sickness/disease

Strong or good / weak

Sometime – a time in the future

Do you want to go get some coffee together sometime?

I need that progress report sometime soon.

Sometimes – occasionally

Sometimes she turns on the water faucet and plays in the sink.

Water faucet – metal thing that water comes out of

Before we have a meal, we will open the water faucet and clean our hands.

Before we eat, we turn on the water faucet and wash our hands.

Pile (v or n) – things stacked (put/placed) on top of each other / the process of doing that

There is a pile of clothes on your bed.

There is a pile of books on my desk.

Let’s pile the rocks over in that corner.

I piled dish to wait the guest coming.

I piled the dishes to wait for the guests that are coming. – makes sense, but “stacked” would be more suitable. Pile can mean messy- no order. To stack (verb) something is to pile it neatly, one thing on top of the next.

There is a stack (noun) of menus by the waitress.

Pile up – car crash with more than two cars

Four car pile up on the highway

In my child I often went to outside – In my childhood I often went outside