F2F Class Notes 18 Feb (Trista)

Have a pee on me – my little girl peed (casual) / urinated (official/less casual) on me while I was holding her

My phone was on my pocket – in my pocket

Phone is power off – the phone was dead

I turned off my phone.

My phone is turned off.

I ended the call.

I hung up the phone.

The repairman hung up on me.

Doesn’t always need the phone –

She doesn’t use her phone very often.

She doesn’t need her phone all the time.

Intelligence iphone – smart phone

Bulky – big, opposite of sleek/smooth/elegant

They sell portable battery packs that you can put on your phone and it just looks like a bulky cell phone case.


February (FEB yoo air ee)

January (JAN yoo air ee)

Verb: Construct – (KUN strukt) – to make/build

Noun: Construct – (CAWN stukt)

More- relax- don’t make the OH sound too big- if you try too hard to say it, it sounds like “mole”.


Example – (egg ZAM pal)

Happiness – front of the word

Nephew – (NEH few)

Had some little sick – she wasn’t feeling well

She couldn’t go to the bathroom (Am.) / toilet (Br.)

She better – she is better now

Surgery – when a doctor cuts you open to fix you.

I’ve never had surgery before.