F2F Class Notes 17th January (Joseph)

Since my 3 years old.

Since I was 3 years old.

Now I thanks my mother.

Now I thank my mother for it.

Company me.

Accompany me.

Heated floors – heater under floors

Radiators – similar to a heater but uses hot water from pipes instead of electricity.

Winter baby or Summer baby -a common English saying depending on when you were born (e.g. I’m a winter baby because I was born in January.)

Anything and everything. (e.g. With Chinese food I like anything and everything.)

Recipe – the instructions on how to cook something.

Genre -a specific type of music or movie. (list of genres below)

Romantic – love story

RomCom – romantic plus comedy

Action – lots of fighting, guns, and/or explosions.

Fantasy – includes magical themes (e.g. Game of Thrones is the best fantasy show in my opinion, it is even better than Lord of The Rings.)

Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) – fictional movies that include ideas from science (space, aliens etc.)

Thriller – something that is very exciting but does not necessarily use lots of action. (e.g. a good thriller always keeps me on the edge of my seat.)

Horror – scary movie

Documentary – a factual movie (non-fiction)