F2F Class Notes 17th December (Tony)


I asked for a favor from my boss.

My friends came to visit from my hometown. We looked around Shanghai, and went to the World Trade Center. It is the highest building in China.


How has your work been?  HAVE BEEN – asking about some time before, until now

How is your work? IS – asking about now

since when – “How has your work been?” “I haven’t worked since Tuesday.”


favor – someone will do something helpful for you

eg: “Can I ask you for a favor?” “Can you help me…(do sth.)   Can I have… (something)  Can I have the day off.

came up appeared or happened

eg: “Sorry something came up, I need to cancel our meeting.”

keep coming up – something continues to happen, maybe out of nowhere

eg: “Problems keep coming up at work.”

specialized – zhuanye – very specific and requires a lot of skill to make or do

eg: “My work is extremely specialized.” “We needed some specialized components from Japan.”


looked around – Lookt-uh-Round

highest – Hai, ist


Zeiss -Zai ss

Haselblad – Ha sull b’lad


Nikon  – nai kahn

Canon – Kan nuhn

Panasonic – Pah nuh saw nik

Olympus – Uh lim pus

Sigma – Sig me

Samyang – Sam Yahng