F2F Class Notes 16th December (Tony)

I very like – I really like

error from person – human error


perk – small benefits or advantages of belonging to a group

eg: Q: “Some of the perks of working at H+M must be free clothes, right?” A: “Yes of course, besides free clothes the biggest perk .” “There are some perks to being tall, I can reach high things.”

peak – high point

eg: “This is peak season for clothing sales.”

benefits – extra things included in the agreement, as payment or gift

eg: “Paid leave, Bonuses, Health insurance, Housing and Accommodation are all benefits that employees look for.”

Catalogue – a printed book, like a magazine but it lists all the products for sale by a certain store or company

eg: “Wechat catalogues have replaced printed catalogues.”

digital – shu ma – electronic instead of analog

analog – a physical object used to represent

eg: “You can hear an analog clock, but you can’t hear a digital clock.” “You can use a digital or analog scale to measure weight.”


Accommodation – Uh comma-dayshun

error – Air-rerr

measure – Meh Zher

weight – Way te


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