F2F Class Notes 16th December (Tony)


cause a huge attention – draw a lot of attention

my colleague dated with a guy – my colleague is dating a guy

speak it out –say it

capital flight – flight of capital

out of bounds investment – outbound investment


dealbreaker – term that makes the deal unattractive enough to cancel it

status symbol –  something a person bought or shows off to let everyone else know their status in society, like how much money they have

eg: “Status symbols ironically lower someone’s status, because they had to spend a lot of money to acquire them.”

speedbumps – a raised part of the road to make drivers slow down

eg: “There are many speedbumps for foreign companies to set-up a business in China, like communication problems, culture differences and use regulations to their advantage.”

barriers – something that stops progress or movement

eg: “The barriers to set-up a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China seem insurmountable.”

insurmountable – unable to overcome or go higher than

eg: “Nothing is insurmountable.”

nuance – a subtle difference or distinction

eg: “We weren’t able to express the nuances of our plan because of the language barrier.”