F2F Class Notes 15th July (Daniel)

absurd – very stupid

Today’s headline in newspapers is about dispute of South China Sea. The international tribunal sentenced that china has not enough evidence to prove those islands belong to China, that made every Chinese angry. But if those islands don’t belong to china, why those islands were demarcated to China after the world war 2?
In that case, I don’t understand why Philippines is accusing China to occupy “their islands”, as well as why the American is supporting this absurd accusation. The world need a “policeman” to keep the world in order. But sometimes, the policeman also makes mistakes when they try to build a “democratic new world”. It had happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria since the American military launched the attack to those countries.
I am hoping American troops will go back home and get as far away from the South China Sea as possible because it is win-win situation for both China and U.S.A. You can go on making your money from China and China can develop our economy as before.

probe – test, find out


Recession – economical decline

The great depression – biggest economical recession