F2F Class Notes 15th December (Tanya)


atmosphere – 气氛

e.g. I really like the atmosphere around Christmas, it’s so cozy !

cozy – comfortable, nice, warm,

e.g. It’s really cozy to sit inside with a book while it’s raining outside.

warning – something that tells you that something else (usually bad) is going to happen

e.g. I have an app that gives me a warning whenever it’s going to rain.

heritage –  遗产, what you get from your parents or family

e.g. A lot of people ask Tanya if she has Chinese heritage.

shelter – a place where you can hide

e.g. It was raining so we looked for shelter in the shop.


shelter – sjel ter

highest – hay est

signal – sig nel

heritage – harry touch

covered – covert

company – kom peny

authorities – o tho re teys


Three rules for Timothy (reading):

  1. Sit up straight
  2. Open your mouth as much and as wide as you can
  3. Pronounce the last letter of a word extra hard