F2F Class Notes 12th May (Jesse)

nearby – near a specific place 

near – near 

afterwards < > beforehand = after that / before that 

eg. i was planning on studying french and coming here afterwards

eg2. i was planning on coming to english class and studying french beforehand 

in this floor on this floor 

today’s morningthis morning 

do badmintonplay badminton 

per person / per hour

she’s doing it for free

hadn’t played = i have played now

i haven’t played = i still haven’t 

i didn’t know = i know now

i don’t know = i still don’t know 

an hour and a half = 1.5 hours 

half an hour = 30 mins 

at the weekend / on the weekend 

on weekends / at weekends 

like / similar to / about the same as / on par with / not particularly different to 

the same experience with me 

different to / from 

same as 

the cost of studying 

a tenth of my life 

chocolate chip 

cured meat – a process of adding salt / smoke

preserved vegetables – put in a bottle of liquid

smoked salmon 

wring out the towel and hang it up