F2F Class Notes 12th May (Jesse) [1]

continued / went on 

eg. we continued to hike / continued hiking / we went on hiking / went on with our hike 

coordinated (adj) / coordination (n) – to have your brain & body work together well 

eg. some gamers are very coordinated 

procrastinate (v) – “pro kras tin ate” – to continuously delay something for no good reason

eg. recently I just wanted to relax and I procrastinated about other things I should do 

eg2. recently I procrastinated about booking a class because I just felt lazy 

i am also a hard student 

i am still a hard working student / i am still diligent 

i am up / i was up / i stayed up = still haven’t gone to bed 

eg. I was up until 1am last night / this morning 

eg2. what time were you up until last night? 

fluctuating (income) =/= steady (income)

eg. my salary fluctuates every month but Jesse’s is steady 

optimistic (adj) =/= pessimistic (adj)

eg. Sherry is very optimistic most of the time but sometimes she can be pessimistic

benefit – to help / improve / make better

eg. having money can benefit your life 

it depends on my mood 

before i worked in sales / as a salesperson

introverted (shy) < > extraverted (social) 

debate – bian lun

eg. I love watching debate shows on tv