F2F Class notes 12th July (Eddie)

foreigner n

foreign adj

adj = adjective   = slow = The bus was slow.

adv = adverb = slowly = The bus went slowly.

good adj  = His English is good.

well adv = He can speak English well.

peace n                          The peace between the two countries lasted for 500 years.

peaceful adj                 The peaceful relations between the two countries brought them prosperity.

peacefully adv            The conflict between the two countries was resolved peacefully.

peacefulness n           The peacefulness of the mountain lake was […].

Max’s example:

kind adj                     My grandfather was a very kind man.

kindly adv               He always treated my brother and I kindly.

kindness n              His kindness knew no limits.

fear n

fearful adj

fearfully adv

fearfulness n

fearless adj

fearlessness n


absent =/= present

absence = His absence was not noticed by anyone in the office.

penniless = broke, having no money

penny = 1c

$1 = 100 cents / pennies

hopeless                   = He realized that he was in a hopeless situation.
hopelessly                = He hopelessly tried to get his friends ‘ help.
hopelessness           = His hopelessness made him cry.