F2F class notes 12th August Christian

Dear, xxxx yabu

I hope this email finds you well

Firstly Id like to say im a massive fan of your work

your work in xxxxx was amazing, i especially liked the tone used and the….

Your work is inspiring and it was the reason why i decided to enroll in a masters degree here in London.

I would love the opportunity to intern with you with the aim of potentially being considered for a full time role if possible. An opportunity to work within your organsiation would provide me with the tools to take my career to the next level
kind regards,
yours faithfully,

its more about art= its a more artistic

broad object= broad subject

already have the basic concepts

i was interest in= I was interested in

“he thinks outside of the box”= he thinks very differently

miranda- tv series

addictive = when you cant get enough of something

eg : Im addicted to sweet food

Im addicted to my smart phone

this song is very addictive

i have to listen it= I have to listen to it 

im over it= i dont like it anymore

joker= someone that always makes jokes

you are such a joker 

chatter box= talk a lot

eg hes such a chatter box.