F2F class notes 12th August Christian

when she do the things on the computerwhen she does things on the computer 

today is fast than= Today was faster than yesterday 

i came shanghai= I came to Shanghai 

less developed= not as much infrastructure (buildings, transport, money, libraries etc)

eg Jiangxi is less developed than Shanghai.

there have= it has/they have

eg: they have many lakes there.

eg: It has beautiful eyes.

talk work things= Talk about work things/ talk about work related things

retarded= very stupid

eg: Jesse stop being retarded.


Speak to random person this weekend.

  • say hello, ask them where they are from
  • how long have they been here?
  • Plans for the day
  • goodbye

random= any, non specific

eg I feel like doing something random.

for guy on monday: hey hows it going? we have never had a chance to speak, busy day today?  I felt nervous to speak to you because my friends all make jokes about us.