F2F Class Notes 11th November (Tony)


one time thing – something that happens only once eg: “Using a tissue is a one-time thing.”

supplemental – additional amount, more than the original eg: “I work two jobs so I can earn supplemental income.”

go viral – become extremely popular very quickly online eg: “That video went viral, in one hour it got 2 million views.”

secede – to officially separate from, or break away from an organization or group eg: “I seceded from the party, I gave them my resignation that was stamped and signed by the birthday host.” “I seceded from the communist party, so I could start an NGO business.”

Communist (Comm ye nist) – a form of government, currently in China, and previously in Russia. “The Chinese government is communist, but their economy is very capitalist.”

back me up – support me, eg: “My friend always backs me up when I am in trouble.”

gauge (v)(n)- to measure the level of something eg: “He could not gauge her reaction after they broke up, she just had a straight face and didn’t cry.” “Our car ran out of gas, it’s no surprise because the gas gauge has been broken for a while.”


ill eel  si sill ill yill fill feel (there is no E sound for a soft i) sounds like IF

Can you feel the chill, I think it’s making me ill, or maybe I ate some bad eel.