F2F Class Notes 11th May (Celeste)

Next class: work on ‘have been doing’

computer = laptop or desktop

monitor <> computer screen

 work on ‘would’ & ‘be/been/done/have been/ have been doing/have been done”

should – past tense of ‘shall’/usually means sb/sth needs

ex: I shall go to the market.

ex: I should have gone to the market but I wasn’t able to.

We should review from our previous class.

I should come here earlier for class.

would – past tense of will

in the morning

Carol: Will you be a good student today?

Louis: I will be a good student today. (future)

at night

Carol: Were you a good student today?

daughter: I would have been a good student but my teacher was not nice to me.

I will be on time to work.

I would have been on time to work but the traffic was very heavy.

I will finish my work on time.

I would have finished my work on time but the meeting took too long.


She is a good girl.

She was a good girl.

She would have been a good girl.

I will be at the restaurant in one hour.

I have been to that restaurant a few days ago.

I have never been to that restaurant before.

It’s never been done before. <> it has never happened before

Astronauts have never been on the sun. <> It’s never been done before.

Carol: Louis, have you done your homework?

Louise: My homework is done. <>It has been done. <> I did it. / I did my homework.

verb: to be [present]

I am

You are

He/she/it is

they are

we are

to be [past]

I was

You were

he/she/it was

they/we were

to be [future]

I will be

You will be

He/she/it will be

they/we will be

have been doing

How have you been doing? <> How are things recently?

I haven’t seen you in awhile, how have you been?

I haven’t seen you in awhile, how have you been doing?