F2F Class Notes 11th January (Jesse)


if my computer has some problem – if there are some problems with my computer 


i think it’s conflicting / i think there’s a conflict there 

right brain / left brain 

left hemisphere / right hemisphere 

i’m well rounded 

fig it outfigure it out
eg. i have to try and figure the problem out

i can’t help it / i can’t help doing sth
eg. i just love fixing problems… i can’t help it

some of them lack motivation – they don’t have motivation / there have no motivation

problem solving – a skill
eg. my problem solving is good

you are just on board started working there / started at this company / i came on board last week / i began working at this company 

building management – wu ye

suppose – let’s say
eg. let’s say you had 5 children, what would you do?
eg2. let’s say the train station is here, you should turn right and go straight

pond – a really small amount of water, but enough for fish
pool – too small for fish


exit – chu kou – “egsit”