F2F Class Notes 10th July (Peter)


We are broken up two years ago – we broke up two years ago

We have many excuse to broken up – we had many reason to break up

One years ago – one year ago

He feeled that I’m the right one suit to marriage – he feels I’m the one suitable for marriage

Choose him be my boyfriend – choose him to be my boyfriend

I have saw – I have seen*

            *Note: the participle of the verb “to see” is “seen.”



Compensation – noun; payment

Mediocre – adjective; just okay, but unimpressive

Empower – to give someone power

Empowering – makes you feel powerful


Present Progressive – [subject] + [to be] + [“ing” verb]

Ex. I am talking.

Present Perfect – [subject] + [to have] + [participle]

Ex. I have talked.

When you asked me yesterday, I still hadn’t seen your message, but now I’ve seen it. (你昨天问我的时候我还没有看到你的信息,但是现在我看到了。)

To conjugate a verb means to make a verb suitable for a specific subject. (动词变化形式)

Ex. I/you/we/they want, he/she wants.


To get back together with someone means to re-enter into a relationship with someone.

Ex. My ex-boyfriend wants to get back together.

To compensate for something means to make up for something else. For example, to compensate for being late, maybe I will give you a gift.

To be good in bed means to be good at sex.

Treating someone like a piece of meat means to not care about someone emotionally, only sexually.

To come crawling back means to regret your decision, usually used to describe an ex who has decided that he/she wants to get back together. Someone who comes crawling back is desperate to be taken back.


I had a dog for 9 years. (You no longer have a dog)

I have had a dog before. (You no longer have a dog)

I have had a dog for 9 years. (You still have a dog)


Crawling (kralling, rhymes with calling)