Demo Class Notes 13th May (Jesse / Angeline)


– find a good job, foreign trade, 4 year old son

Listening: 2.0
Speaking: 1.25
Reading: 1.5
Writing: 1.5
May '17: 6.25
1 year

推荐课程(每周)/ Your Recommended Course (Weekly)

F2F: 3

WeChat: 2

Email: 1

SPEAKING: think about past verbs when talking about experiences
WRITING: try to make longer sentences with words like “because / which / who / but” etc


not often = seldom

during class you should pay attention – at the time of the class / throughout the class

I enjoyed my class today
I enjoyed myself.

Iceland = country – “ice land” 
island = water all around – “eye land”

Speaking exercise

i go to phuket island, it’s so beautiful. i take my son and my husband go to the phuket iceland. i want to play and take my vacation. I think it’s food, the scenery is so beautiful. I like swimming, I want to got some other friends in Phuket.

i went to phuket island which is so beautiful. i took my son and my husband to phuket island. i wanted to just enjoy myself and take my vacation. My favourite thing was the food, and the scenery which was so beautiful. I think the weather is very good so I really liked swimming there. I wanted to get some new friends during my trip in Phuket.







I want to do
I want to did 

the = specific one
a = general one

I went to a cafe = 1 , any.
I went to the cafe = the one I just said / an obvious one
I went to a cafe and i think the cafe was really nice = i think it was really nice

I have a friend. He is so tall.
I have a friend who is so tall.

I have a computer. It is expensive.
I have a computer which is expensive.
I bought a computer which made me so happy

where – indirectly describes a place (at that place)
eg. I went to a cafe where there were many people. = I went to a cafe. There were many people at that place.

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