Demo Class Notes (May – Jesse)


– same level for a long time, 30% using English at work, client, listening problems with groups of foreigners, chatting / small talk problems, vocabulary biggest problems.

Listening: 2.75
Speaking: 1.5
Reading: 1.75
Writing: 2.5
1 year

推荐课程(每周)/ Your Recommended Course (Weekly)

F2F: 1

WeChat: 2-3

Email: 2

SPEAKING: slow down and try to make longer sentences – also remember past tense!
WRITING: use the words you have learned recently + make long sentences!

Thank you for coming to meet us May! It was really lovely meeting you. If you have any questions about the notes or anything, please just ask us. 🙂
Jesse & Judy

Speaking exercise

the first station … i just remember a very big university. just walk around the town. this is the first time i went to europe. the european give me the image that it’s very quiet, and green. In Paris I have some disappointed. In toilet, it almost same as in China, it’s dirty. It’s in some stadium. Have a lot of people. I think the people in Paris is not very warmly. and street are also very dirty.

at the first city / place / stop, i just remember there is a very big / large / huge / massive university. i just walked / wandered / mosied / strolled around the town and this was the first time i had been / traveled / took a trip / went on holidays to Europe. the Europeans / European people gave me the idea that they are very quiet, and the city is very green. In Paris I had some disappointment which was / because in toilets, they were almost as dirty as they are in China. They were in some stadium where there were a lot of people. I think the people in Paris were not very warm and the streets were also very dirty.


a 10 days travel – a 10 day trip

not too much people not too many people

I have a computer. It is black. = I have a computer which is black.
I just had a class. It is something I do every day. = I just had a class which is something I do every day.

past tense / short sentences 

have been / went / had been
have been = experience
went = specific time in the past
had been – past of the past

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