Class 8 [Ripped Sb Off / Meter / Coerce / Mafia / Interpret / Tamper with]


Ripped somebody off – to take advantage of somebody, and cheat them out of money.

eg: “I got ripped off the other day.” “He ripped me off, there is no way the taxi was that expensive.”

meter – a device used to measure

eg: “The electricity meter in our apartment was broken, so we didn’t know how much to pay that month.”

coerce – to force someone to do something, through physical or mental ways.

eg: “They coerced him to sign the contract, so the contract was illegal.” “Customers have the right to not be coerced into buying things.”

mafia – organized crime group, or gang

eg: “There are many mafia groups now, usually from different countries or cultures. Like the Irish Mafia, Russian Mafia…”

interpret – to understand in a particular way

eg: “Laws are written so that they are not open to interpretation.”

tamper with – to change something so that it doesn’t work properly, or the way it normally should.

eg: “The ATM machine has been tampered with, someone emptied all the cash out of it.”