Class 11 [Pre-School / Invest / Proven / Busy Work / Repetitive / Kindergarden]


pre-school – before school years

eg: “She can go to pre-school when she turns 2.”

invest – to put time or money into something, so that you get something back later

eg: “We invested in some stocks, but they failed.”

proven – made sure that something is true and correct

eg: “Some education styles are not proven, so we shouldn’t invest so much in them.”

busy work N. – some kind of work that has no purpose, only to keep someone busy

eg: “My boss is great, if we finish our tasks early he never gives us busy work.”

repetitive adj. – something that often repeats itself

eg: “I hate repetitive songs.”

Kindergarden – first year of school that all children must go to.

eg: “My son will start kindergarden this year.”