Open F2F Class Notes 5th March (Tony)


the project is urgent

it’s not legal

I live in an apartment

you’ve had

mainland China (not islands, not special government)

at the last minute – not given much notice to finish something

“I got the project at the last minute .”

my mother in-law – your husband’s mother

eg: “I live with my mother in-law.”

Writing exercise

Original –

Rencently ,I awalys felt the time was not enough to be used for all the things,maybe you have the same feelwith me when you lived in a first tiers city in China,during the working day,your time belongs to your company,during the weekend,the time should be belongs to your famlily ,however there awalys a lot of things give you some suprise ,and you will felt the time is so fastly, the Monday has coming when i didnot came out from the Sunday,even you have not enough time to sleeping,a few time with your faimly,and no time to read the book,so i summarized the life in the first tiers city:times flying, life speed is so fast,and the power is very larger,and the only advandege is that all the resources is better than the second tiers city.


Recently ,I always felt there was not enough time to do everything. Maybe you have the same feeling as me, when you live in a first tier city in China. During the workday your time belongs to your company,during the weekend,the time should belong to your family ,however there are always a lot of things that surprise you,and you will feel time flies.  Monday has already come when I’m still enjoying Sunday,You don’t even  have enough time to sleep, a little time with your family,and no time to read books. So I summarized life in a first tier city:time flies, life goes by/passes so fast,and the only advantage is that all the resources are better than second tier cities.