OpenF2F Class Notes 14th July (Celeste)


In China The majority pregnant women eat a lot of food and make the babies too big to birth hard. When the mother finished the childbirth, they shouldn’t go out of the house for one or two months. It is the important tradition to Chinese new mothers to stay at home and can’t wash hair and so on.


In China, the majority of pregnant women eat a lot of food and make their babies too big so, it is hard to give birth. After new mothers give birth, they shouldn’t go out of/leave the house for one or two months. It is the most important Chinese tradition/belief that new mothers must stay at home.They also cannot wash their hair, or be in front of a fan or AC/air conditioning, and they must eat fish or chicken or pig feet soup to produce more milk.

It’s a traditional hobby.

It’s a traditional belief.

belief n.- sth to think/know

eg. Chinese have many beliefs that are different from Western beliefs.

believe / believing / believed / will believe v.- to know or to trust sth/sb

eg. Chinese believe that new mothers should not wash their hair after they give birth.

I don’t know how to make him grow up.

I don’t know how to raise a baby.

Parents raise their children. Children grow up.

They don’t want let baby too big.

They don’t want their baby to be too big.

I like play their babies.

I like play with their babies.

I like to play with their babies.

crazy aunt/uncle – usually a relative who does not want to have kids, spoils their nieces and nephews

spoil / spoiling / spoiled / will spoil v. – to give sb everything they want/need

eg. My crazy aunt spoils her nieces and nephews, she always gives them what they want.

eg. My grandparents spoiled me when I was a little girl.