VIP Class Notes (Samara)[R]


Bring one geometry problem and teach use how to find the answer in English.提出一个几何问题,教学生如何用英语找到答案。

Next Class Focus

She is really good at geometry, you can do some activities on this website and talk about it if you want!There are definitions and activity videos on there as well.

I also taught her a bit of slang like “whatever”( I taught her to not say it to her mother- she understands) and selfie.


interior angels: angles inside.
exterior angles: angles outside
acute angle: smaller than 90 degrees, but more than 0 degrees.
right angle: 90 degrees
complementary angle: two angles equal 90 degrees.
obtuse: An angle larger than 90 degrees, but smaller than 180 degrees.
adjacent angles: two angles that are next to each other.
Next to: 旁边
Circumference: The length around the circle.
Whatever: be quiet.
Slang: cool people language, only for cool people like you.
purse: 钱包
blouse: fancy shirt.
selfie: take a picture of yourself.


This is a angle.  – This is an angle. 
This is a acute angle. – This is an acute angle. 
These are complementary angles, they make a right angle. – 
This is an obtuse angle.
My mom always don’t want *motion scratching* her purse. – My mom doesn’t like us to scratch her purse.


Patty’s Doll

Patty got a doll for Christmas. It is her favorite doll. It is a rag doll. It has a yellow dress. It has a blue blouse. The name of the doll is Molly. Molly has bright red hair. She has red lips. She has blue eyes. She has a pink ribbon in her hair. Molly is wearing red shoes. She’s wearing white socks. Molly has a purse. Her purse is pink. The purse is empty. There is nothing in the purse. There was a little mirror in the purse. But Patty lost the mirror. When she lost the mirror, she said, “I’m sorry, Molly. I will get you another mirror.”

Samara explained the history or a rag doll:

A rag is usually left over fabric when your mother would make your clothes. When mothers still made clothes a long time ago. All of the little extra cloth was used to make a little doll. This is why it is called a rag doll. but the new ones look like rag dolls but they are made with fabric that we buy and cut.

rag usually means an old cloth we do not use or we do not need anymore. fabric. maybe you don’t want to throw it away because you don’t want to waste it. so you make a doll.