VIP Class Notes (Kyle) (S)


Usually with your/my father —->to explain a general situation = Talk about Groups! 

ex. In USA, I always go to the movies with my friends and my family = In USA, you always go to the movies with your friends and your family.

ex. In a bar, normally I am drinking and talking with my friends. = In a pub, normally you are drinking and talking with your friends.


If you hadn’t of said something, then I never would have guessed!  = I really don’t the truth!

So you are a millennial? Or Gen-Y ?

Why is age so important?

They think that each period they should finish something. If after 25, they think they have to finish University, and before 30 they think have to get married. And they think that before age 35 they should have kids.

(In China, Japan) They think —-> (Chinese, Japanese) cultural values…   ” The differences between cultures or generations ”

Ex. Are you Grandparents from the same culture as you? Yes, they are from Chinese culture.

Ex. Are they from the same generation as you? No, they are older and they were born around 1930 and therefore are in a different generation. 


personality= different types of people, Selfish, Strong character, nice, gentle, 这个人很有帮助, organized, polite, introvert, lacks confidence 缺乏信心

ex. If you could change your personality, what would you change about yourself?

A millennial = person born during the 1990s

ex. You are millennial.

Generation Y = Y 一代

ex. We are pretty sure that Laura Z is generation Y… 

A Saison = French word for “seasonal”  only provided for a specific season Winter, Summer, Fall/Autumn and Spring

My bad = My mistake / Sorry! (haha)

ex. I thought you were older, Kyle, my bad. 

Pub OR Bar

Bubbles = the small 泡沫

brewery = place where to you make beer, 啤酒厂

home-brew = home-made

sneaky (adj.) = 偷偷摸摸

stressful / pressure 压力

survival = very basic level

how to ______ – what is the best way to do it

Two strong personalities can lead to a egotistical conversation


psychology – 心理学

ego – 自我