SE:VIP Face to Face

这是什么? What is it?
This is a course for people who want the best possible learning experience – when they want, and with who they want. It’s a structured, customized course, designed with professionals in mind. A product of years of English training experience, fine-tuned to maximize learning, whilst maintaining interest and motivation.

为什么需要? Why should I choose it?
If you have high standards for yourself, want the best you can get, and like to spend your time efficiently, then we have what you need. Face to face sessions, Email correction Service, WeChat conversation, and access to all of our consultants, you will have first choice.

怎么预约面对面服务呢? How does it work?
Choose between 40 and 60 minute face to face sessions, choose the time, the consultant, and let us do the rest. Your sessions will be planned around your needs, and change as you develop. Both JingAn Temple, and Shanghai Stadium locations are available, including online video F2F when needed.

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