Email Service

这个是什么?What is it? 

Our email correction service allows members to have their writing corrected by our English consultants without even leaving the house, office or wherever they are. Simply use our SE Members Online System to upload your email, business report, PPT, CV, or diary writing, and within 24 hours a corrected copy will appear in your account.

 为什么我需要邮件服务呢?Why do I need it?

This service is great for anyone who wants to improve their written or even spoken English. Writing allows you to practice making sentences, using both new and old vocabulary, whilst giving you more time to think about your sentences, logic and grammar. It’s also perfect for professionals who need to write emails at work but need some help – we’re here for you.

邮件服务如何进行呢?How does it work?

Just send us an email through our SE Members Account System, or directly to Note: There’s a limit of 250 words per email.

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